Birch Babe Ambassadors

Join Us in Empowering Women: Become a Black Birch Co. Brand Ambassador!

Do you love fashion, empowering women and social media? If so, we want YOU!!

We are seeking powerful women who are not only enthusiastic about our products, but also exemplify the personality and lifestyle of our brand.

You’ve got to be trendy, kind, creative and love to shop! And of course, you’ve got to love Instagram just as much as we do!

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Hey Babes 🖤

I'm Jamie, the one-woman-show that is everything Black Birch.

Black Birch started out of the pandemic. I resigned from my role as a Dual Store Manager to be home with my birch babes during 2020. After a couple months at home, I had a desire to something creative. I also terribly missed my retail world. I’ve always loved to make things so I started with our well loved toddler tees. My dream to grow my small business quickly became a reality.

Black Birch is ever-changing but one thing remains the same- each item, whether handmade or curated by me, comes from my passion to deliver you casual, comfortable and effortless style.